A conversation between to girls while they put bowling shoes on at Rowans Tenpin Bowling.

– I didn’t want to come. I had the strangest day today, lots of anxiety about coming here, seeing friends… My emotions went up and down all day.
– Maybe you were too excited about seeing people because you’ve been working by yourself so much.
– No, it was quite the contrary. I didn’t want to come. Did you hear about Demi Lovato? She had an overdose, and now she’s in the hospital. I’ve been listening to her songs and crying all day.
– What happened to her?
– You know, Americans don’t overdose the same way the British overdose. A British guy overdoses with Heroin, Cocaine, but Americans are into pharmaceutical drugs. Everybody takes them, girls at school, they are used to taking pills, and then they become addicted.
– What’s a famous song by Demi Lovato? Is she some kind of Selena Gomez?
– Yes, she’s one of this Disney Girls, but she can sing. I had shivers down my spine today listening to her album, it helped me cry. How was your day?
– I’m feeling really good, I think it was my breakfast. The Waitrose near my office closed for reparations, so I tried a different smoothie from M&S. They have 2 for £4. It’s delicious but heavy, you need to take it slowly in small sips. So I had that a smoothie for breakfast and a nectarine.
– I love nectarines.
– They are so good. And I didn’t feel hungry until 11.
– You’re going full-on healthy.
– Well, yes. I just had a KFC burger though, the one that uses two chicken breasts instead of bread to form the sandwich? But yeah, I think so.

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